Porco Dio! Part Two

part two of our Italian inspired episodes. Featuring but not limited to Atlantic, Stanis, 7Years, Dead Market & a whole lot of Alessandro Gavazzi, NoReason Records, Inconsapevole Records, Indelirium Records 💕 This episode was recorded after witnessing Satanic Surfers in Cologne. We were slightly hungover and prepping to see Propagandhi that night. THAT WAS FUN 💕 Lots of love to Punk Rock Radio.ca Your dynamic duo, Judy & Joëlle    ... Continue Reading →

Episode 7 – The one in which we sing

We share what we've been listening to lately. Some are new discoveries, some are old flames with new music! Somehow, both of us ended up singing, no idea why. But it's a good one! Featuring music by: Goodbye Blue Monday, I Against I, Fullcount, Fair Do's, Traits, Maybe Later, Eat Defeat, Captain Trips, Escape Artists,... Continue Reading →

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