Episode 9 – Going Down Under

The first in a series of country-themed episode. We dig deep and head down under for this episode.

Episode 7 – The one in which we sing

We share what we've been listening to lately. Some are new discoveries, some are old flames with new music! Somehow, both of us ended up singing, no idea why. But it's a good one! Featuring music by: Goodbye Blue Monday, I Against I, Fullcount, Fair Do's, Traits, Maybe Later, Eat Defeat, Captain Trips, Escape Artists,... Continue Reading →

Hello from Sweden

We made it to Katrineholm. And it's wet!  We're here to bare witness to the final Adhesive show. Ever. Tears will be shed. In preparation for this Swedish weekend, we made an all Swedish playlist for our last radio show on Punkrockradio.ca. It features, ofcourse Adhesive, Rebuke, The Indecision Alarm, Enemy Alliance, No Fun At... Continue Reading →

Welcome back

It's been a while since we've had a real website. What have we been up to? The answer is simple: travelling, going to gigs and making podcasts.

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